Orit Kaye

My name is Orit Kaye and I have been writing this blog for the past six months. I decided to start this blog following my brother’s request to write what I know of history and archaeology and share it with as many people as I can.
I have been studying history and archaeology for the past ten years. I have a B.A. in history/archaeology, a M.A. in Egyptology and I am currently doing another M.A. in Oral history. However, many things that I write about in this blog I learnt through different media as well as via my studies in university.
I can’t claim that everything I write is 100% correct, for no one can claim that, but I do try to write what is agreed upon by most academics as well as the more controversial ideas, and also my own thoughts and theories (which I have plenty of…).
I hope that some of you readers will be interested enough from what I write here to enjoy my blog and maybe study some of the subjects I write about yourselves. The more people who study history the less likely we’ll forget where we hail from. And who knows, maybe you’ll pick up on a new theory that the academics never thought of that can help enrich our knowledge. I’d be happy to hear any thoughts you might have, or corrections you’d like to point out in the information I related here, or if you’d like me to send you extra reading material.
My email: orit_kaye@yahoo.co.uk
New blog: England: oritkayeengland.wordpress.com

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