Pesach – 18.04.2011 A.D. (cont.)

After God decided to shock all of the Egyptians by killing the first-born of every Egyptian family, human and beast, he finally ‘allowed’ Pharoah to release the Israelites to…. the large inhospitable desert! Thank you sooo much!
So, the Israelites packed up everything that they owned (which couldn’t have been too much for they were slaves, weren’t they?) though apparently they took off with a substantial amount of gold and jewels from the Egyptian treasury, they set off towards the Red Sea.

There is an argument as to where the Red Sea is and it is thought that the Red Sea is now better known as Yam Sof, which translates from the Hebrew as the Reed Sea. But be it as it may, the Israelites with their aging leader, arrived at the sea and are now trapped between the sea and the pharaoh’s army. Apparently he had a change of heart again (and I’m sure that God had nothing to do with this) and he decided to leave his palace with his large army in order to slaughter the Israelites. Ah, this was a good opportunity for God to show how wonderful he is again, again. And so, now trapped between the large body of water and the bloodthirsty Egyptian army, the Israelites turn in desperation to Moses for help. He in turn looks up for help from God who, after a while decides to step on and save the day again, again. The water parted and allowed the Israelites to walk safely in the path now reveled by the partition of the water. You must admit, it must have been a beautiful sight! And just to drive the point home he ‘allowed’ the Pharaoh’s army to follow the Israelites into the water in order to catch them. But God then closed the water on all those soldiers, who were only doing what they were commanded by their chief, and they all drowned.

God truly is a wonderful, forgiving and benevolent being!

The parting of the Red Sea


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